Molecular Biophysics Laboratory

We study life by determining three-dimensional structures of biomacromolecular complexes by using cryo-electron microscopy. In particular, we are interested in (1) Transcription - a central process of life maintenance by copying genetic information from DNA to RNA, (2) the human microbiome - an amazing ecosystem dwelling in our body. We look at how molecules interact with each other in these two areas.


2022. 5. 31   Our lab is selected for the Basic Research Laboratory (BRL) together with other laboratories in KAIST and
                     Pusan National University.  
2022. 3. 29   Seunhga and Jin Young co-authored a publication titled 'Rho-dependent transcription termination         

                     proceeds via three routes' (Nature Communications). [Link] 
2022. 2. 1     Eunyoung resigned, and Hyun Hwa joined the lab as an administrative associate. Farewell, and welcome!  
2021. 9. 1     Jiho joined the lab as a graduate student. Welcome!
2021. 3. 22   Hyerang's proposal is selected for the KAIST graduate adventure research. Congrats!
2021. 3. 2     Jinwoo joined the lab as a graduate student. Welcome!
2021. 2. 25   Jin Young is appointed as Ewon Endowed Chair Professor.
2020. 2. 1     Eunyoung joined the lab as an administrative assistant.
2019. 9. 27   Jin Young was awarded the 'Postco Science Fellowship.' [Link]
2019. 3. 2     Minjae, Jimin, Seungha, and Hyerang joined the lab. Welcome!
2019. 3. 2     Molecular biophysics laboratory opened!